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Android TV is a version of Android that has been optimized for televisions and multimedia players. It is also the foundation of the Fire TV operating system, which enables HBO Max to be installed on Amazon devices. Similarly, Google uses this operating system on Chromecasts with Google TV. You are keenly interested in what we have to say in all of those cases. Do you know how to update Android TV apps already? Continue reading to find out.

The following sections describe two methods for installing updates on your Android TV. These procedures apply to any device that runs this operating system. It could be one of the best Android TVs or a multimedia player, like the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick. Remember that we also told you about the best free Android TV apps. Most of them receive updates regularly, which you should install.

Why is it important to update the applications on Android TV?

There are several reasons why keeping Android TV apps up to date is critical. And the truth is that you should do it on your phone or computer for the same reasons:

  • Correct any mistakes. Developers include patches that fix bugs. If you need help with a specific application, we recommend going to the store to see if a new version is available. Those in charge are likely to have discovered the error and included a fix in the newly released version.
  • Repair security flaws. The updates also close gaps that could allow an external attacker to access the deviceā€”in general, keeping a device up to date and downloading the most recent versions of its applications is associated with increased security.
  • Take pleasure in the news. Updates may include interface refreshes, user experience enhancements, or new features. There is only one way to take advantage of these changes, and you guessed it: update the applications.

Fortunately, you will not need to perform advanced user-level procedures, such as activating developer options on Android TV, to update your favorite applications. Instead, all you need to do is visit the official Google Play Store. Continue reading to find out how.

1. Install updates on Android TV manually

As you can see in the preceding section, having the most recent versions of your applications is highly beneficial, even on a multimedia playback device. What should you do now to get the most current version? In a nutshell, go to the app store.

The Google Play Store collects all pending updates. The only requirement is that you have access to it. You can accomplish this in two ways:

  • Look for the Play Store as an additional app. Locate it on the Android TV launcher to access the store and click on its icon.
  • From the Applications category. Select the Download more applications option after opening the Applications section.

If you’ve made it into the Play Store, go to the top and click the account icon. Then select Manage apps and games. Finally, navigate to the Updates section and select Update All. Remember that you can check what’s new in the updates from this section.

2. Install updates on Android TV automatically

Another option for keeping Android TV applications up to date is to enable the automatic download of new versions.

As in the previous case, the first step is opening the Google Play Store. Look for it in the application section of your TV or media player. Once inside the store, go to the top and select the account icon.

Select the Settings command from the menu on the left side of the screen. Then, enable automatic updates. You no longer need to worry about downloading new versions of your applications. It will be done at the most convenient time by the Android TV device.

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