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Today is New Year’s Eve, and we know that most of you will take to WhatsApp and your mobile phones to compulsively congratulate practically everyone on your contact list or to say yes to all favorites, as has become almost an impossible tradition.

So, we wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to teach you how to create your most witty and fun congratulations using your smartphone so that you are more original than ever when it comes to surprising family and friends by saying goodbye to this 2022 academic year. Who has only a few hours left?

It is not complicated, and it will not take you hours to create your greeting, don’t worry because, on Android, countless applications will allow you to create funny videos or photos with emotional messages or in a joking tone so that you can send them in seconds and look like the kings of Christmas cards.

Do you want to get yours a smile? Well, here is our selection of the best apps to create videos and greetings for Christmas and New Year, simply using an Android phone and our creativity.

1. JibJab

JibJab Application Android

JibJab is the most comprehensive app for creating congratulations on Android. It was born in the shadow of the second app on this list, ElfYourself, which is significantly superior to this alternative.

We will not only stick to Christmas with JibJab because the program allows us to generate greetings throughout the year by tweaking the various themes, both for Thanksgiving and Christmas, New Year, Hanukkah, Saint Patrick, or any other significant occasion.

It’s as simple as selecting our favorite images, uploading them from the album or Facebook, and selecting the sort of movie and dance we want the app to customize. No more.

2. elfyourself

elfyourself Application Android

Second in line and likely the most well-known, ElfYourself offers several humorous pre-programmed videos, even though they have been viewed a lot after so many years.

We can choose up to 5 faces, choreographies, and themes, and the software will generate a bespoke movie that we can publish to our social networks and messaging services in a matter of seconds.

You can pay to gain more dances and preset themes, but the free version is still available and adequate for most purposes.

3. Christmas Dance

Christmas Dance Application Android

Christmas Dance is similar to JibJab and ElfYourself. Still, we may construct three-dimensional avatars that sing Christmas tunes using the uploaded photographs in this case.

Its use is simple and intuitive, with no fantasy, with the ability to select the number of characters, the environment, and the movements, in addition to the song always from the app’s collection, without the ability to upload audio or pieces from our smartphone.

4. PNP – Portable North Pole

Portable North Pole Android Application

The PNP app is one of the possibilities with the most incredible experience in this congrats thing, with a history of more than ten years of bringing us various celebratory messages with Santa Claus and his elves as the primary players.

You may not only create and distribute unique films with this simple program, but you can also make voice calls, video calls, greeting videos, cards, and much moreā€¦

It is free, but there is paid content. The best part is that Santa Claus may pronounce the names and hobbies of our family or friends to customize and direct the message, bringing the magic to the highest level.

5. Happy New Year 2023

Happy New Year 2023 Android Application

It is not a video-making app, but the reality is that this app is required to use WhatsApp on these dates, as it will supply us with a collection of Christmas stickers and other content to use in the messaging service par excellence.

Content is available in six languages and includes over 1,000 images, GIFs, stickers, and quotes that have been updated for the new year 2023 and are ready for you to fit in your WhatsApp states, wallpapers, or conversation wallpapers and use in your conversations within the Meta messaging service.

A full-fledged Christmas’must-have’ that even the most ardent fans of congrats cannot overlook, which we leave you with right now.

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