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Are you planning a trip and looking for a decent insurance company? will tell you what we believe are the three finest solutions for travelling to your overseas location with peace of mind. Discover our most recent ranking of the best travel insurance based on data from 2021!

We considered the viewpoints and the value for money; however, it should be noted that with this form of insurance, the adage “cheap is dear” is frequently true. This is especially true for medical bills. Remember that unless you have insurance, you will have to pay 100% of your charges outside the European Union (where the European Health Insurance Card is authorized).

In addition to this important health coverage, travel assistance insurance may include :

  • Problems with checked baggage
  • Flight delays
  • Cancellation of a trip that has not started or early return

So that you can have enough coverage at a lower cost, we offer you the benefit of benefiting from the rate for groups of more than ten persons, even if you travel alone, at our insurance brokerage. Examine all of the facts and inquire about our travel insurance here. Following the explanation of these considerations, below is our list of suggested travel insurance with a ranking of three insurers. These are the most significant insurers, in our opinion.


This German insurer is specialized in legal defense and travel assistance. For us, the main value of this company is that it segments its products very well. We give you examples of their more specific products:

  • Cruises: designed for this type of travel, it includes, for example, medical assistance on board and on land, rescuing people or expenses for means of transport hijacking.
  • Skiers: with special coverage such as rescue on the slopes or reimbursement of the cost of the unused ski pass. This is especially important because we always insist that if you are going to participate in activities such as skiing, horse riding or diving, it is important that it be taken into account in the policy to be covered in case of sports accidents.
  • Students: designed for study trips. It includes, for example, the early return in certain cases and the travel and accommodation expenses of a family member in the case of hospitalization of more than 5 days of the student.

In addition to the standard policies given by other insurers (basic insurance with some medical coverage, cancellation insurance…), they offer travel insurance for groups or families. ARAG is not the cheapest international travel insurance provider, but there is only a decent service with a fair price in many circumstances.


They were the forefathers of travel insurance, inventing it over 50 years ago. And they’re still growing! Today, it is one of the most recommended travel insurance companies, as they are one of the world’s leaders in this field, with about 10 million interventions and support in this period.

They offer “tailor-made” travel insurance services such as trip cancellation, luggage coverage, repatriation, and family displacement in over 200 countries. Despite their age, they have adapted to new tourism trends, such as offering particular insurance for numerical cancellations in sporting events.


Of course, a fantastic national company that also provides excellent travel aid items. It, like ARAG, provides highly specialized products like an insurance for studies and ERASMUS students, vacation and camp insurance, or adventure insurance, which covers rescue charges and personal help if necessary. Other packs that demonstrate the segmentation options afforded by this category are safari and hunting, skiing and snow, and golf.


Now we’ll address a frequently asked issue from our visitors: what is the best insurance for a camping trip? In this regard, it is pretty close to a typical vacation. Therefore the finest firms’ recommendations are the same: Arag, Europ Assistance, or Mapfre will provide us with many possibilities.

Of course, these backpacking trips are frequently tied to sporting activities that are typically not covered by insurance. So, focus on selecting specific modalities, such as diving, horseback riding, or hiking hobbies. In the same way, depending on how the journey is, it is advantageous to buy a policy that includes a unique guarantee called: “search and rescue of the insured”. The truth is that many businesses do not provide it, yet it is critical to cover the hefty costs that a specific rescue service in the mountains, sea, or river can entail.

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