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The development of artificial intelligence, or AI, is a fact. In this discipline, new technologies are developing daily with numerous day-to-day uses. You may have witnessed family members, friends, and famous people transform into “magical avatars” like elves, warriors, astronauts, etc. Artificial intelligence has generated all of these representations of ourselves using an app that uses our images as a starting point.

However, artificial intelligence is valuable in the workplace in addition to amusing us. For instance, one of them generates pictures based on our few language instructions; you only need to tell it what you want it to draw, and you can even define the visual representational style you want it to use.

We requested “an illustration of a caravan on the beach at night, with a big moon” from They came up with these four alternatives for us. We can choose our favorite or request a variation of any of them.

The ChatGPT and the ‘magical avatars’, among the latest innovations in Artificial Intelligence

ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence that allows us to ask it any question and receives an immediate response, has also gained popularity. Write songs, articles, poetry, computer programs, or, if asked, a menu for the entire week with a shopping list.

How is ChatGPT implemented?

After its release at the end of November, ChatGPT quickly revolutionized the AI industry. The system’s creator, OpenAI, argues that its dialog structure is the most significant of all the options it provides.

The technology is “based on language and its purpose is to answer every query that the user asks in any language,” according to Javier Sanz, CEO of ADSLZone.

ChatGPT can function in various fields, including journalism, education, and mathematics. The expert claimed that you could also “write lines of code” in computing. According to Sanz, “Who knows if the tool will eventually replace programmers and do so with great solvency since this AI is apt to continue learning and enhancing all the reasoning it utilizes thanks to its complicated algorithms.”

Able to hold conversations

The next stage for ChatGPT, in the opinion of its developers, should be to perform tasks on our behalf. “Later, you’ll be able to have something that acts as your personal assistant. Eventually, you can have something that provides you with fresh perspectives, “According to Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI.

The project is now in the development stage, so we must wait till the finished product to add new changes.

Visit the official website,, and register an account to use ChatGPT. The service will be entirely free initially, but Altman notes that it will eventually start to “monetize.”

The risks of ChatGPT

Despite its benefits, experts caution against the risks associated with employing this technology. “The automatic generation of misleading information by these systems presents an ethical challenge, and a watermark that is simple to remove won’t help. Despite the fact that automatic texts are practically perfect, using them unattended is still harmful “, emphasizes Carmen Torrijos, Prodigious Volcano’s Head of AI.

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