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The “Recommended” video area on YouTube may be an excellent resource for finding new channels and content producers. However, some consider these kinds of suggested videos to be a privacy infringement.

Consider watching YouTube with a friend when an embarrassing recommended video “out of nowhere” appears. What a terrible roll, huh? Consider another scenario where your young nephews have returned home and all the movies on your list are for kids featuring Paw Patrol and Molang. Can you take action in this regard?

YouTube takes many factors into account to recommend a video to you.

We must first consider that, as stated on its website, YouTube considers a wide range of variables or “signals” when suggesting the videos that appear on both the YouTube home page and on YouTube. The “Next” section appears under any video you are playing or when you stop watching a video.

Our search history, viewing history, and the channels we subscribe to are used to build these signals. Contextual elements, such as the nation in which we are located or the time of day, are also considered (that is, YouTube will recommend different videos depending on whether it is day or night).

Contrary to the other YouTube suggestions, the ones displayed below the playback are relevant to the content we are currently viewing. So, if we are uploading a music video, the suggestions that would show up underneath that video will be other music lists and video clips. That makes a lot of sense.

How to reset recommended YouTube videos

We can “reset” or reset the suggested videos to 0 now that we know the variables that the algorithm considers. This will assist us in preventing the appearance of any recent search-related suggestions.

Clear search history

  • Open the browser, enter YouTube in the ” Your data on YouTube ” section. You can also access this file by clicking on your YouTube profile and selecting the ” Your data on YouTube ” option.
  • Go to “ YouTube Search History -> Manage your YouTube Search History ”.
  • Select “ Delete -> Delete from forever ”.

Clear watch history

  • Within the same menu of “Your data on YouTube”, go to ” History of YouTube views “.
  • Click on “ Manage your YouTube watch history ”.
  • Click “ Delete -> Delete forever ”.

After these modifications, YouTube will only provide suggestions based on the channels we are subscribed to, as well as contextual suggestions (local news, etc.). Because of this, YouTube won’t suggest any videos based on other videos we’ve already seen or searched for.

Of course, losing our search and playback history is the price we must pay for deleting the recommendations.

How to turn off YouTube recommendations

Obviously, over time, YouTube will once again collect information about our likes and views, so personalized recommendations will appear again. If you want to turn recommendations off forever , you can do so by turning off search and watch history permanently.

  • Open YouTube in the browser and click on your profile icon located in the upper right margin. Select “Your data on YouTube”.
  • In the ” YouTube View History ” section, click on ” Activated ” and choose the ” Deactivate ” option.
  • Now go back to the previous menu, and in the “ YouTube search history ” section, click on “ Activated ” and select “ Deactivate ”.
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