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One of the easiest ways to send high-resolution photos to friends and family is to use Google Photos to share images and videos. Furthermore, because Google Images saves all of the photos and videos we shoot with our phones in the cloud, we can easily access any memory that we have previously made with our Android camera.

There are numerous methods for sharing photographs from the Google Photos app. The simplest method is to open the app, choose the images/videos, and then click the share button. We can transfer the photographs via other apps such as WhatsApp, email, and so on, or even directly from the Google Photos app itself.

As we previously stated, this is the “normal” method of sharing photographs with Google Photos. However, there is another technique to do it that is also automatic.

How to share photos on Google Photos automatically

Google Photos has an exclusive tab for sharing content in the app’s bottom menu. From here, we can automate the process so that our friends and family can access our content much more quickly.

  • Open the Google Photos app and in the lower menu enter “ Shared ”.
  • Click on the “ Share with collaborator ” option.
  • Next, choose the start date . This will give access to the images uploaded to Google Photos only from the selected day.
  • Then choose the photos you want to share . Google gives us the option to share all the photos, or only the photos in which certain people appear (by analyzing their face). Note: Face group filtering is not available in all countries (we understand this for privacy reasons).
  • Finally, click on “ Select collaborator ” and write the email or name of the contact with whom you want to share the images.
  • Click on “ Confirm ” to send an invitation to the recipient.

At the moment, the person to whom you issued the invitation will receive a mobile notification and an informational email. Once the invitation is accepted, Google Photos will begin sharing our account’s photos based on the previously defined criteria.

This will allow you access to historical images and films (as of the deadline we selected just now) and new photos we publish in the future. We won’t have to worry about anything else because the entire process is handled automatically in the background.

How to stop sharing photos

If at any time you want to stop sharing photos with someone, you can remove access by following these steps:

  • Enter Google Photos and in the lower menu enter “ Shared ”.
  • In the upper area, click on the collaborator’s profile image that indicates “ Share with collaborator ”.
  • Click on the three-point icon that you will see in the upper right margin and enter “ Settings ”.
  • Click on “ Remove collaborator ”, and confirm the action by clicking on “ Remove ”.
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