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Telegram is the most popular alternative to WhatsApp and one of the best instant messaging apps. Among its functions, Telegram allows us to block another user if we don’t want that person to contact us again, which is excellent.

If we have doubts about whether one of our Telegram contacts has blocked us, we first must consider that there is no official way to know 100% categorically. That is, there is no place where Telegram tells us that a particular person has blocked us.

How to know if someone has blocked you on Telegram

Luckily, we can use several indications or clues to know with relative certainty if someone has blocked us on Telegram.

However, we must insist on the “relative,” since it is also possible that this person has uninstalled the app or changed their phone number. Now, some of these indications do not leave much room for doubt.

The user is not reading your messages

When we send a message on Telegram, it usually appears with two marks, or “ticks.” The first tick is used to verify that the message has been sent, and the second is to confirm that the recipient has read it.

If you have sent several messages and they all appear with a single tick, the recipient is not reading your messages. It may be that he does not have access to the Internet or has not opened the Telegram app since you sent him the letters, but it could also be a sign that he has blocked us.

Profile image not available

If the person does not show any image on their Telegram profile, it may indicate that they have blocked us. This could also be because that person has changed their privacy settings, so we cannot take it as an unmistakable sign of blocking.

It is also possible that you have removed us from your contact list and that only your contacts have permission to see your profile picture.

You cannot make calls or video calls

Try to make a voice call or a video call. If you get a connection error stating that you can’t call that person due to their privacy settings, they have likely blocked you.

If so, that person will also not be able to see that you have tried to call them.

The last connection was “a long time ago.”

If we open a chat with another person, the status of their last connection appears just below the name. If the last time was “a long time ago,” it may be because you have blocked us from seeing that information. However, it is also possible that this person has disabled the option to show their last connection since this is a setting that Telegram offers its users.

The only way to know if that person has blocked us is to use another Telegram account and compare that information. If we see that it was recently connected, we can conclude almost 100% that it has blocked us.


If you want to know if a person has blocked you, you can try to make a call. You can also talk to someone else who has added them on Telegram and compare the date of their last connection. In any case, if someone has blocked us on Telegram, we should respect their decision and leave them alone. If it is a friend or family member, sometimes the best way to solve things is to talk face-to-face with understanding and respect. Remember!

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