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Although cell phone manufacturers now have a calendar for the release of new devices each year, many users have the habit of constantly taking care of their devices in order to avoid the need to spend money on repairs or replace it due to a malfunction caused by an accidental accident due to its constant use.

That is why the cell phone company Vivo generated a list of actions people can take into account to take even better care of their devices and avoid spending money on users.

1. Free up device memory regularly.

The first of these cell phone maintenance and conservation activities is to schedule a cleaning procedure for the cell phone memory on a regular basis to avoid overloading it with data and slowing the device’s operation.

Using an additional cloud storage service is one way to clean up a cell phone’s memory without deleting any data that the user might find important. Applications such as Google Drive and Dropbox can help store various files. At the same time, Google Photos can serve as storage for photos taken by the cell phone to prevent them from taking up space on the cell phone.

It is up to each person to make it a regular habit to clear their cell phone’s memory, which can be done once a week if the phone is used often to store files. However, a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual habit can be created to do this. Maintenance.

2. Delete the temporary files of each application

Each application can generate temporary files within cell phones, just as they are created during Internet browsing by people who use desktop computers or laptops. In the case of cell phones, these can be made automatically after using applications such as web browsers, games, and messaging platforms, among others.

Some devices have a unique feature dedicated exclusively to deleting temporary data or cache that takes up unnecessary space. The fact that this data may have some relevance to facilitate navigation and the software operation must also be considered when deciding to delete these files.

3. Clean equipment carefully daily

Dust is one of the things that directly affects the performance of a cell phone, just like it does with any other electronic device. It is best to do maintenance on the phone’s parts to keep them clean and prevent dirt from building up.

Although users can do a superficial cleaning of their cell phones using a soft cloth to avoid damaging the screen sensors, from time to time, a thorough cleaning of the device can be generated with the assistance of a specialized technician.

4. Update the operating system without fail

When figuring out how well the cell phone works, you should also think about how up-to-date the operating system is. At the same time, updated software has the possibility of increasing the speed of browsing or interaction with cell phone content, those systems that have yet to be renewed present limitations that generate poor cell phone performance.

A device that is not up to date or does not have more OS updates available can also be vulnerable to cyberattacks, especially if the operating system you are using has been discontinued by its creator and security patch shipments have run out. When you get to this point, it’s a good idea to get a new phone that can update more frequently and stay compatible with operating systems for longer.

5. Put a cover on it at all times.

Even though it may seem like a purchase based on how it looks, phone cases are important because they protect your phone. Even though some cell phone models come with a clear case, there are better ways to keep the phone from breaking if it falls.

In these situations, it is best to use this accessory as a stopgap measure until a higher level of protection can be chosen.

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