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Rain can spoil your plans on many occasions, so in this guide, we will explain how to activate an alarm on your mobile to know when it will rain.

With the help of apps and widgets, you can receive alerts on your phone that let you know that the clouds are approaching and, therefore, that it’s time to take out the umbrella and reserve outdoor plans for another weekend.

Many of us often use apps to find the weather forecast for the next few days. However, the rain can surprise you if you do not consult these applications with some frequency.

The solution proposed in this article is to activate an alarm that notifies you about the arrival of rain, something you can do with apps and widgets dedicated to this function. Next, we explain step by step how to do it.

Apps to set a rain alarm on your mobile

In Google Play, you can find several applications responsible for sending you alarms when it is going to rain. Thus, you can plan better and avoid the rain when you go out.

The most prominent is the Rain Alarm, also known as the Rain Alarm. As you can read in its description, this app uses information from government weather services to do its job.

Rain Alarm detects any precipitation (rain, hail, or snow). Depending on how you configure it, it warns you through a notification, vibration, or sound.

To do this, click on the three-dot button in the upper right corner and go to Settings> Alarms to configure notifications. With the accessible version of Rain Alarm, you can only configure sending messages when the rain is near.

For example, with the help of this application, you can go for a run and receive an alarm when it’s time to go home because the rain is coming. In addition to setting these alarms, you can also check the weather forecast in Rain Alarm.

Another application to activate a rain alarm on your mobile is Rain Radar, which is free to download from the Google Play Store.

Just like the previous app, Rain Radar notifies you of the arrival of rain so you can successfully plan your outdoor plans.

Access the left side menu, click on Settings or Settings and activate the notifications box to receive alerts on your mobile when the rain is near.

Of course, this free application does not lack a map where you can see how the clouds will progress in the next few hours.

Activate a rain alarm on your mobile with widgets

Suppose you prefer another method to know the imminent arrival of rain in the town where you live. In that case, you can trust the installation of weather widgets on the mobile home screen.

The first widget we recommend is the well-known AccuWeather application, with over 50 million downloads in the Play Store.

This widget will allow you to monitor the weather forecast and receive weather alerts on your mobile without opening the app, something that we often need to remember to do.

Once you have installed the app, go to your phone’s Widgets menu and add AccuWeather to your home screen. Next, configure notifications to receive rain alarms to your liking.

Another useful widget you can add to the home screen is the Rain Alarm app, featured in previous paragraphs.

This app also has a well-developed widget that gives you all the weather information without having to access the app and alerts you to the arrival of rain.

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