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The WhatsApp application, which has more than 2,000 million active users worldwide, will have new functions by 2023 that will change the calls made on the platform. One of the main modifications is that users can make calls with 32 participants, who can be silenced and sent links to facilitate the connection.

Starting this year, users of the most used communication platform on the planet will also be able to navigate the application without leaving the call, a function that YouTube had already enabled.

Users demanded the possibility of making video calls with many participants, based on the changes imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic and that the home office modality (work from home) became widespread. With WhatsApp’s innovation, it will be optional to resort to specific platforms, such as Zoom, to hold those work meetings with multiple colleagues.

How to create and send WhatsApp call links

  1. Touch the calls tab
  2. Click on create call link
  3. Select type of call (audio or video)
  4. Touch copy link and send link by WhatsApp if you want to send it through the application or select share link to make it visible through another app

The application that allows you to send text messages, audios, photos and share all kinds of files, also plans other changes for the year that has just begun:

  • It will not be possible to take screenshots of the chats or record them
  • A WhatsApp Premium for companies will be launched
  • URL links with WhatsApp status updates can be sent
  • There will be new business tools for WhatsApp Business

Another of the expected innovations that WhatsApp is preparing is related to the widely used emojis . The idea of ​​the platform is to add new ones, among which are the following:

  • shaken face
  • Hearts of pink, blue and gray colors
  • hand pushing
  • I raised
  • Donkey
  • To the
  • Raven
  • Goose
  • jellyfish
  • Hand fan
  • Hair comb
  • maracas
  • Flute
  • Wifi

These changes will be added to the app introduced at the end of last year, when the possibility of taking lightning photos and surveys, among other tools, was made available to users.

A new advantage that the application recently incorporated and was highly valued by users is the so-called floating window, which moves while browsing other platforms so that it is always visible. It is not necessary to leave to use other apps. Thanks to this new feature, it is possible to chat with other people while looking at internet pages or watching videos.

It is not a tool that divides the screen in two, but the cell phone runs the application in a small box that can be moved around the screen and changed its size. Some customization layers even allow you to minimize the window into a floating bubble to give the user more screen space.

WhatsApp functions that could arrive in 2023

One of the innovations with the most significant impact on those who work at Meta to apply to WhatsApp will be the possibility of editing messages that have already been sent. Instead of having to delete what is written, you can change what is said without a problem.

As reported by the news portal, the option will be available by pressing a few seconds on the message so that the Edit option appears. It is still being determined if the change will be reflected in the conversation in some way with, for example, an edit below the text.

Another feature they are working on aims to use WhatsApp on two phones simultaneously. At the moment, it is only possible to have it on the computer as WhatsApp Web and at the same time to have it on the cell phone.

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